To Be Or Not To Be: Lockdown Shakespeare

To Make Oppression Bitter: Shakespeare Scholars on the Frontline in Ukraine

March 7, 2022

The Shakespeare scholars of Ukraine have found themselves on the frontline of a brutal war, and have launched an urgent appeal in conjunction with colleagues around the world. We hear from the scholars whose lives have been swept away by war, and who have bravely volunteered to do everything they can to help. They tell us how the play of Hamlet has been intertwined for centuries with the cause of Ukrainian freedom and independence; and how his famous question has a starkly existential meaning for the future of their country and for every Ukrainian.

To donate to the Shakespeare scholars' appeal, all details are here:

Huge thanks to Ukrainian band Balaklava Blues for permission to use their song, Shelter Our Sky, which has been released this week to urge the international community to help Ukraine:


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